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Seal Coating

RL Leeder: Seal Coating Mastery for Extended Asphalt Life

Your asphalt infrastructure, whether it’s a driveway or a sprawling parking lot, is a significant investment. At RL Leeder, we understand the importance of preserving and extending the life of this investment. That’s why we offer specialized seal coating services designed to not only protect your asphalt but also to rejuvenate its appearance.


Comprehensive Asphalt Maintenance: The Difference is in the Details


– **High-Quality Products:** We believe in using nothing but the best. That’s why our choice is the Seal Master brand, renowned for its superior quality and effectiveness. When you choose RL Leeder, you’re choosing the gold standard in seal coating products.


Crack Sealing:

One of the primary culprits that deteriorate asphalt is moisture penetration, especially through existing cracks. Our meticulous process involves cleaning and sealing these cracks, thus preventing moisture from seeping beneath the asphalt surface. This action not only rectifies current imperfections but also proactively safeguards against future damage.


Dual Coat Application:

At RL Leeder, we don’t stop at just one layer. Our experts apply two coats of Seal Master sealant, ensuring optimal protection. This dual-layer approach not only offers added protection but also ensures uniformity in the appearance of the surface.


The RL Leeder Advantage


Once the seal coating process is complete, what emerges is a driveway or parking lot with a lustrous, uniform black finish. But it’s not just about aesthetics; the fresh seal slows the progression of further cracking, adding years to the life of your asphalt.


Preserve the beauty and durability of your asphalt with RL Leeder’s seal coating services. Benefit from our expertise, high-grade products, and a commitment to excellence that ensures your asphalt surfaces not only look their best but are also primed to withstand the test of time. Entrust your asphalt to RL Leeder and experience the transformation.

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